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  • Galerie SAW Gallery 67 Nicholas Street Ottawa, ON, K1N 7B9 Canada (map)


  • 6:30pm – Doors open

  • 7:00pm – Lecture by Mark Lucuik on resiliency and sustainability

  • 8:00pm – Meet the author, Hamid Shahi

  • 8:30pm – Canadian film premiere “The Moment of Realization” by Hamid Shahi & Rikako Takahashi


On this fine World Architecture Day, we invite you to join us at Galerie SAW Gallery for a vernissage evening of the OAW 2019 Exhibition.

For two days CLUB SAW will transform to host a collection of works curated around this year’s theme “Under Water: Weathering the new normal”.

On exhibit are a range of work including videos, lecture, models, drawings, and art. Throughout the evening you’ll have a chance to mingle with authors of these works and others local creatives.

Exhibits and presentations will be accompanied by music, drinks, and light snacks.

On resiliency and sustainability

with Mark Lucuik

What is resiliency and how does it relate to sustainability? What does it all mean relative to climate change or social equity? Mark will do his best using good engineering logic and a bit of common sense to explain the who, what, why, where, and how of resiliency. Drawing on his 25 years’ of experience on green buildings, Mark will give his perspective on how to sleep in the messy bed we’ve all made.

“The Moment of Realization”

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 11.51.46 PM.png

A Film about The Moment of Realization and the importance of building Community after natural disasters.

MOR is an initiative by Hamid Shahi, a Designer and Rikako Takahashi, a video director.

In 2017, Hamid and Rikako, good friends that previously worked on a short film for OCAD University’s “Steam Canoe”, decided to start a new collaboration to bring more awareness to community related projects and to highlight prominent Japanese architects who gave their time and skills to help many communities through many years.

In Hamid’s words:

Every person has potential, creativity and compassion at the root of their existence. We want to explore that moment of “realization”, where a person sees and understands their path in life, to use their skills to relate to others, to explore their individual creativity, and to use their passion to improve themselves and their world. This idea will be explored first hand in the film through the experiences of Hamid Shahi, as he relates his story to the stories, passions and experiences of famous architects, who have created positive change in their societies while inspiring others.



From its inception in 1973, the artist-run centre Galerie SAW Gallery has supported politically and socially engaged art, focusing on the performance and media arts. Many of the world’s best-known artists have exhibited at SAW in the early stages of their careers. Begun by a group of local artists, the gallery was originally part of the legendary café Le Hibou on Sussex Drive, hence the name SAW, an acronym for Sussex Annex Works. In 1981, the centre founded the SAW Video cooperative to support independent video artists and documentarists. During this time, the centre also initiated Club SAW, which has become the most important multidisciplinary space in the region. In 1989, Galerie SAW Gallery, SAW Video and Club SAW moved into the historic Arts Court building. Since 2001, Galerie SAW Gallery has operated as a distinct organization no longer legally affiliated with SAW Video, although both share a home at Arts Court and continue to collaborate on many projects. Galerie SAW Gallery aims to become a premier artist-run centre in Canada and the world, engaging in innovative programming, outreach and exchange initiatives. With over 30,000 visitors each year, SAW is a prime destination in the Ottawa-Gatineau region for contemporary art.

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Mark Lucuik, P.Eng., LEED Fellow

Principal, Director of Sustainability, Morrison Hershfield Consulting Engineers

Mark is a building science specialist who has been involved in the field of sustainability since the early 1990’s. He has been extensively involved with the Canada Green Building Council and LEED. He is a practising engineer with specialized knowledge in the fields of durability, building science and embodied environmental material effects, in addition to his experience with LEED. Mark has worked on over one hundred green buildings in Canada and the United States. Mark is a firm believer in the benefits of green construction and demonstrates these beliefs by considering environmental effects in all professional and personal decisions.

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Hamid Shahi

An Architectural Designer from Toronto, Canada. He is currently studying Masters of Architecture at the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, Carleton University. He has previously earned his Bachelors of Environmental Design at OCAD University. Through exploring the boundaries between architecture and our existing world, he is seeking to design innovative, sensory, cost effective, and sustainable structures for creating positive social change in people’s lives around the world. Outside of his academic achievements, he is fortunate to have collaborated with major firms and organizations such as OCAD University, Parks Canada, Kengo Kuma and Associates, Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop, II BY IV DESIGN, TYYZ, and plusFARM that have inspired him in learning to continue his pursuit of architecture, innovation and design.

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